About Us

About Us

    KlassHub.lk is an initiative taken in the year 2017 by  a young group of Sri Lankans. We work together with a Vision – to create an educational hub in Sri Lanka; as through knowledge, we can develop our country.

Having this set goal in our minds, we are committed to creating opportunities for our community to keep in touch in many ways to develop their knowledge and grow together as one nation.Youth is the backbone of our country. Thus, they are always the front-runners of our efforts, by taking on the opportunities they have.

Our target is to bring everyone involved in education such as the students, parents, institutes, teachers, departments, well-wishers… etc, into one place. 

Therefore, we embark on a quest to create platforms through online mediums and actual physical meet-up opportunities through various activities such as the website, blog, forum, social media and get-togethers such as parties and other events.

Please feel free to get in touch with us at any time. Your comments, feedback, complaints, requests and all other ideas are much needed and well appreciated to make this a success.

Our project has successfully passed through 2 phases. Our 1st phase was to create an all educational news website together with social media presence. We launched www.klasshub.lk for this purpose backed by strong social media presence in platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube… Etc.

The 2nd phase was to create an extensive directory for educational persons and places such as teachers, schools, classes… etc. We launch www.klasshub.com for this purpose. The site consist of a downloads section for students. We are already receiving overwhelming reponse and support for the 2nd phase.

Without taking much time, we are excited to announce very humbly that we are already in our 3rd phase of the project which is to create Sri Lanka’s biggest virtual classroom. ‘iLearn with KlassHub‘ is already underway and our students will receive the opportunity to connect with their teachers in a novel way. The platform also extends its services to classes, institutes or schools to manage their own Learner Management System inside iLearn. iLearn will provide free education to all our students without restrictions.

Having said all these, we are poised to provide all our services completely free for our users and enable our community to experience a novel learning experience.

We are very humble and proud to inform that KlassHub.lk is a novel experience for Sri Lankans and also, this could probably be the first of its kind in the world.

Thank you and wishing you luck, we invite you also to be a part of our journey!

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Are you a teacher, student, a parent or an owner of a class, institute, school, club, society, government organisation or anyone in education? This is the ideal platform for you. Best of all, we are FREE to use!

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We are a young group of Sri Lankans working together with a Vision – to create an educational hub in Sri Lanka; as through knowledge, we can develop our country.

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