‘Green College’ Project by Zahira

The Head Prefect and Deputy Head Prefects of the Girls’ Wing of College handed over the funds raised by their ‘Green College’ Project to the principal of the college during the Assembly on the 12.11.2019.

Green College is a project initiated by the Girls’ Wing 18/19 as an initiative to refurbish the College in terms of a greener environment. Funds were raised through the successful campaign that was initiated on the 2nd of July. Buttons with the design structure of ‘Proud to be a Zahirian’ was sold to the college community. The button caught the privilege of students and teachers alike. The buttons are believed to expose the true spirit of Mother Zahira in a simple form.

The initial presentation of the funds collected was during the Prefects’ Dinner Night on the 20th of September 2019 in the presence of the College Administration, Discipline committee and Past prefects.

Following this, A total sum of funds worth Rs 90,000/- was handed over to the College. The prefects also donated a Podium to the College as well.

These gestures are praised and believed to create an effective momentum.


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