Robofest 2019 by SLIIT

The annual robotics competition involving one of the most important academic aspects of SLIIT’s Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, SLIIT Robofest is an event aimed to inspire and present students with opportunities related to designing, building and adopting new technologies. It allows students to develop and hone both their theoretical and practical knowledge with advancements and evolutions in the world of robotics.

Today, the competition has expanded into 3 categories, namely School, University and Open, blowing it open for a wider range of participants in the process. This year, the task at hand was to construct a miniature robot that could move fast enough through a maze, with the aim of reaching the end within the minimum possible time frame.

The winners of this year’s participants from the School category are ‘Neon’ – Kuliyapitiya Central, ‘Omega’ 2 – D.S. Senanayake College and ‘Deathend’ – Ranabima Royal college, and the winners of the University category are ‘Speedy 2.0’ – the University of Moratuwa, ‘Roadster’ – the University of Moratuwa, and KARR – University of Peradeniya.


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