Guidelines for Bradby

Message from Royal College, Colombo on Bradby.

For the safety of everyone coming to witness the Bradby and the safety of all the children involved, the RCRMOC together with SL Police, Army and other law enforcement agencies have put in place a security plan to ensure that there are no unwanted incidents. 

For this to be a success we also need the assistance of all that will be coming to Royal Sports Complex on the 15th of June. Therefore please do not bring any Back Packs and large hand bags. No food items or glass bottles of any sort is permitted. 

Also to avoid any last minute rush, we advise everyone to arrive at the ground a little earlier than usual as there will be security checks at the grounds.

**Also please note that no one will be allowed to enter the playing area even after the match is over. Please do not enter the playing area at any time and we humbly request everyone to remain at your seats if you are waiting for the presentation ceremony** 

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused but this is for the safety of all. 

Given below are some rules that will be strictly enforced. Please cooperate with all security personnel to ensure an incident-free Bradby Shield!

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