A Message for Benedictines (18.5.2019)

A message was posted in the college website (18.5.2019). Please find it below.

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students, 

Let’s pause for a moment each day and pray to our merciful and loving Savior for all those innocent victims on Easter Sunday and that our dear Motherland be blessed with peace and harmony among all Sri Lankans. I wish to bring to your notice the unique situation our college is placed in Kotahena. We are surrounded by the Cathedral, 05 other schools and several tutories where the security of our students becomes quite challenging. A Special Security Committee has been formed with OBU and Welfare Society members to take decisive steps to ensure security of both the Primary and the Secondary sections of the college. Hence we appeal to you to cooperate with the security measures taken by the College Security Committee as well as the Police and the Army. Please read through carefully the following instructions and comply with them to help your children to obtain the best attention regardless the serious situation.

  1. The College will re-open for the 2nd Term on 21st May, Tuesday. All our students both in the Primary and the Secondary sections were sent Study Packs via the College Website for all subjects covering the 2nd Term syllabus in all three mediums. The 2nd Term Tests will be based on these Study Packs. You can call on your Subject Teachers if you should need any help.
  2. When the College reopens there will be a special time table for all the classes with only 04 subjects per day. The students will be required to bring only the Exercise Books to College in a See-Through Bag/ Shopping Bag to help in the security checks. The lunch box, the water bottle, and the pencil case too should be transparent. It is safer for your children to bring along home prepared food and drinks.
  3. The school will function initially according to the following Schedule as we reopen the first week. i.e. 
    21st May – 24th May: Grades 10 – 13 & 27th May – 31st May Grades 6 – 9
  4. This Schedule will continue until you are informed. (further notice) students are advised to work on the Study Packs at home. Time table will be made available soon:
  5. The Main Entrance & Exit will be through St. Lucia’s Cathedral Entrance for the moment. The use of the Rear Gate will be notified later.
  6. The students are allowed into college after 6.30 am and should be taken away by 2.30 pm the latest. Those students who travel by school buses and vans should take precaution to board them closer to the St. Lucia’s Cathedral Square.
  7. All students should bring their Record Books to College without fail. Students will not be permitted to school without their Student Record Book. The photograph in the Record Book should be one taken recently in the College Uniform. Senior students should bring along their National Identity Cards too.
  8. All sports activities are suspended until further notice.
  9. Mobile Phones are not permitted in college and if found will be confiscated.
  10. No vehicles are permitted into the Cathedral Square premises.
  11. Those who require certificates such as, Leaving Certificates, Character Certificates, Results Sheet, Letters to the Embassies, etc. should call on Tuesdays between 9.00 and 11.00 am and fill the relevant application at the Cathedral Square Entrance and obtain them the following Tuesday.
  12. School monthly donation up to the month of May could be paid by person at the Welfare Office by students. If paid by parents, it should through the Bank and produce the deposit slip to the Welfare Office through the students to obtain your receipt.
  13. The above measures have been taken to ensure the safety of our children hence I request your fullest cooperation and apologize for any inconvenience caused.
  14. Please visit the College Website regularly for updated information.

May I conclude inviting you to pray the family Rosary each evening begging our Blessed Mother to protect us all in these challenging times and grant peace and harmony to all Sri Lankans. 

May God Bless us all.
Rev. Bro. A.E. Tarcisius

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