Bradby Update 2019

A message from Trinity College posted in their official website.

From The Principal
May 17th 2019

The 2019 Bradby Shield

Following a positive and constructive meeting today with the Senior Police authorities in Kandy, I am pleased to announce that we have been given the green light for the 1st Leg of the 2019 Bradby Shield to be played at Pallekelle on Saturday 1st June at 4.00pm.

Immediately after my meeting with the Police, I spoke with the Principal of Royal College to let him know that as the Police now consider it safe to play at Pallekelle on 1st June, I am therefore happy to let the match go ahead on that day. He was pleased to hear this, and also confirmed that the 2nd Leg will be in Colombo (at the Royal College Sports Complex) on Saturday 15th June.

Further details will be published as soon as possible regarding tickets, car parking, extra security arrangements, timings etc. The Head of Administration and his team now have a huge amount to do in only two weeks, so please understand the pressure they will all be under between now and 1st June.

We are very thankful for the support assured to us from the Police, the Army, and other law enforcement authorities, especially considering the tremendous work load they have in the present context. It is only because of their support that we can go ahead with the match.

I am sure you will all understand that arrangements for the Bradby are subject to change if the security situation in the country deteriorates again. However, I hope and pray that this does not happen, and that the 75th Bradby Shield turns out to be a Classic encounter between our two great schools.

Respice Finem!

Andrew Fowler-Watt

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