A Message from St. Benedict’s College

A special message was released by the Director of St. Benedict’s College, Colombo – Rev. Bro. A. E. Tarcisius.

Dear All,

It is with a heavy heart that I write these few lines at a time when we have still not recovered from the pain caused by the terrible Easter Sunday events, especially the sense of loss we feel over the deaths of two young students who attended our institutions, and some parents too. 

While we pray that the Lord will lighten the grief and the burdens of their families, let us uphold in our thoughts and prayers the injured and the traumatized who are struggling to get back on their feet and get on with life.

In the meantime, our school has still not re-opened for the Second Term although we were to do so on 22nd April. The Government has now asked the schools to open from 6th May onward but St Benedict’s is one of the Catholic schools that has been asked by the Church authorities to remain closed until further notice.

I am conscious that this temporary closure has somewhat disrupted the children’s education but let us bear in mind that safety comes first. So, we are having intense discussions with stakeholders about the security measures that must be put in place for the re-opening of the school and I am confident that the country situation will soon return to full normalcy.

Meanwhile, in consideration of the educational needs of the students, especially the seniors preparing for exams, we have arranged to release study packs so that they may remain linked to their studies on-line. In fact, just today we have given out tutorials to the parents of the Primary School students. I am sure this new step we are taking will benefit our entire student body in a meaningful way and I request them to make good use of this initiative”.

I know of some other Catholic schools also who have made similar moves and I am in touch with them with a view to sharing knowledge and making it a collaborative effort. Once the initial steps begin to bear fruit, we could see how to not only improve and fine-tune the system but also to incorporate it as regular feature in the school for the coming months and years. In this regard, I appreciate the enthusiasm of the tutorial and administration staff who are working with great interest to develop this mechanism and get it off the ground. Others who have expertise and experience in this field are also invited to give their support to this team that is on the job.

In the past days, many have been in touch with me and the Brothers, expressing concern at the situation, inquiring about the future steps to be taken and offering their services. I value them all.

So, let us continue to stay connected as we pass through this difficult stage and let us stay determined to face the next days with courage. Above all, let us keep Christian hope alive. 

Take care and stay safe.

Bro. A. E. Tarcisius

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