Trinity College, reopening dates

Following is a message posted in Trinity College website on the reopening dates.

School Opening Term 2, 2019

From The Principal
May 6th 2019

Dear Parents,
As you will probably know by now, the decision has been taken to delay the start of Term 2 by a few days. This follows a number of meetings, including with the Central Province Governor and Kandy School Principals, Senior Church officials and the Police. The final decision was delayed until yesterday evening, when I had a meeting with the PTA EXCO. We discussed the whole matter and also listened to an excellent address by a senior army officer (himself a Trinity parent). There was ultimately a unanimous view amongst those parents and teachers present that we should not start school on May 8th (our original start of Term 2).

So, as things stand now, Term 2 will start for all boys in the Upper School (Grades 10-13) on Monday 13th May.

Following on from this, school will reopen for all those in the Middle and Junior Schools a week after that (Monday 20th May).

Whilst I hope and pray nothing happens to make these dates change, we will listen closely to advice from our experts (part of the TCK Security Committee) as well as to the Police and Armed Forces. Should the dates change for any reason, we will immediately let you know via SMS and/or Social Media.

The Senior Army Officer who addressed the PTA yesterday has kindly agreed to give a presentation about Safety and Security advice specifically aimed at Parents. He will come on two or three different days, given the large numbers. We strongly recommend that as many parents as possible attend one of these presentations. The first of these, for Upper School parents, will be in the Main Hall at 4.00pm on Friday 10th May. Please ensure that you bring your son’s TCK ID Card in order to register your presence and gain admission to the school.

I will write later in the week detailing specific extra security arrangements etc. But it might help you to be aware of a couple of things at this stage:
1) For the time being, boys will not be allowed to bring School Bags into Trinity. They must either carry the books etc that they need or use a transparent bag. I am sure you understand why this rule is being implemented.
2) No visitors will be allowed into the school unless they have a prior appointment. This includes those coming to see the Principal or Vice Principal.
3) All boys in Grade 6 and above, must carry their TCK ID Cards at all times. Indeed, they will not be allowed to enter the school premises without them.

I hope very much that parents and their sons will understand that these are difficult times for everyone; and that the decisions we are making are entirely for the safety and security of the boys and the Trinity community.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Fowler-Watt

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