A/L Paper structures & Prototype questions (Sinhala)

Structure of the Question Papers and Prototype Questions for G.C.E.(A.L.) Examination 2019 afterward – Sinhala Medium have been released by the Department of Examinations. Click below links to download directly from the site.

Subject No. Subject Download Link
 01Physics Download
 02Chemistry Download
 07Mathematics Download
 08Agricultural Science Download
 09Biology Download
 10Combined Mathematics Download
 11Higher Mathematics Download
 20Information Communication Technology Download
 21Economics Download
 22Geography Download
 23Political_Science Download
 24Logic Scientific Method Download
 25History Download
 28Home Economics Download
 31Business Statistics Download
 32Business Studies Download
 33Accounting Download
 41Buddhism Download
 43Christianitiy Download
 44Islam Download
 45Buddhist Civilization Download
 47Islam Civilization Download
 49Christian Civilization Download
 51Art Download
 52Dancing Indigenous Download
 54Music Oriental Download
 56Music Western Download
 57Drama Theatre Download
 67Science for Technology Download
 71Sinhala Download
 73English Download
 74Pali Download
 75Sanskrit Download
 78Arabic Download
 81French Download
 82German Download
 83Russian Download
 84Hindi Download
 86Chinese Download
 87Japanese Download

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