Tea for all by Mahanama Leo

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It’s time to quench the thirst of the needy around you..

As the Pioneer Leo club in Sri Lanka Mahanama, Leos are always experienced on pleasure of joining hands to help the needy people as it gives more mean to our lives.

The college Leo team, has decided to encourage the society to join hands again with them to quench the thirst of homeless people around you.

The college Leo team has implemented a til to be placed in shops and encourage the customers to donate your simple 1 or 2 rupee balance to make a smile on needy. It’s more easy to give a smile ? to a needy.

By the End of the month the members of the club will give a great mean to this collection by offering a hot tea ? with a snack to the homeless in your area.

NO Wonder the great pleasure you feel when you quench their thirst with a simple 1 rupee you donate.

Tea For All

Date: 24th of January 2019

Time: 2.00pm

Venue: Around Colombo area

Click here for the event>>>

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