Sebs prepares for the feast

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By Shermantha Fernando

This year too a flag staff was hoisted in the College main play ground yesterday, Monday the 14th of January, with the participation of the students and the members of the staff, in view of the annual feast of the patron saint of our Alma Mater, St. Sebastian, which is being celebrated this Friday in the College. 

From morning students of various grades of the primary led by their class teachers, and students from the middle and upper school and the Advanced Level classes and even the members of the staff came and tied flags to the flag staff. 

Rev. Fr. Ranjith Andradi, the Rector, speaking before the hoisting of the flag staff requested the students to spread healing and happiness rather than spreading hatred and talking evil about others. He also urged the students to follow the Spirit of St. Sebastian by living a life full of faith in JESUS CHRIST just like our saint, and to take our lives closer and closer to GOD as the flag staff is hoisted towards the sky. 

Thereafter Fr. Rector blessed the flag staff and all those present, before it was hoisted with the assistance of the staff members, students and the members of the supportive staff. 

Afterwards, all were served with milk rice and plantains in their respective sections.
May St. Sebastian intercede on behalf of the College and all of us and lead all of us especially our children to LORD Almighty ………….

Photo credits – Tharusha Silva Sir

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